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Rub-On Transfers are fun and easy to use everywhere!

Our amazing Rub-On Transfer designs look and feel like real hand painted artwork. No tools, water, or glue required. Just "rub on" the fun!

Use our Rub-On transfers on paper, wood, metal, acrylic, glass, tile, mirror, ceramic, books, hardback canvas, cabinets, walls, photos, furniture, candles, accessories, etc. These Rub-On Transfers are not recommended for use on soft surfaces like skin or fabric. These Rub-On Transfers adhere well, but are not intended for use on surfaces that wrinkle in use or when washing.

NOTE: Whether you are decorating a smooth or textured, dark or light colored surface it is important to apply your rub-on to a squeaky clean surface to ensure its adherence.

These Rub-On Transfers will not fade and will not come off until you want to remove them. On most surfaces, acetone (nail polish remover) will do the job. Avoid rubbing acetone into grout or caulking when removing transfers from tile since this may cause stains. For removal from ceramic tile or glass, you may prefer to use a safety razor with caution. These Rub-On transfers are not removable from paper, vinyl, plastic, or acrylic. Finished surfaces may require some sanding/refinishing. Always test a hidden area first!

Click on the designs below for descriptions and ordering information

La Belle Rose
I Love Roses
Cottage Florals
English Rose
La Belle Rose Rub on Transfers (Decals) I Love Roses Rub on Transfers (Decals) Cottage Florals Rub on Transfers (Decals) English Rose Rub on Transfers (Decals)
Garden Retreat
Shy Butterflies
Fresh Fruits
Garden Retreat Rub on Transfers (Decals) Fruit Rub on Transfers (Decals) Shy Butterflies Rub on Transfers (Decals) Fresh Fruits Rub on Transfers (Decals)
French Country
Baby's World
French Country Rub on Transfers (Decals) Palms Rub on Transfers (Decals) Baby's World Rub on Transfers (Decals) Lettering Rub on Transfers (Decals)
Global Spice
Colors Of Music
African Animals
Global Spice Rub on Transfers (Decals) Colors Of Music Rub on Transfers (Decals) Africans Animals Rub on Transfers (Decals) Americana Rub on Transfers (Decals)
Chinese Treasures Rub on Transfers (Decals) Costal Pleasures Rub on Transfers (Decals) Architectural Details Rub on Transfers (Decals) American Country Rub on Transfers (Decals)
Tropical Dreams
Country Quilt
Kid's Safari
Tropical Dreams Rub on Transfers (Decals) County Quilt Rub on Transfers (Decals) Kid's Safari Rub on Transfers (Decals)  

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