Manufacturer of custom water slide model decals and transfers for trains, planes, and automobiles.

For the commercial consumer:

Custom Model Decals We offer custom silk-screen model decals & transfers for any model item. (Automobiles, trains, airplanes, cars, boats, vehicles, ships, railroads, etc.) Our silk-screen waterslide decals are printed for consumers who require large quantities and exceptionally high quality decals at the most economical prices available. Our low prices and fast turnaround time are better than any other company producing waterslide decals. We offer custom "combination" decal packages for wholesale buyers and resellers. Absolute lowest prices and fastest service guaranteed.

Custom Model Decals Our custom printed, silk-screen water-slip decals are a necessary alternative to the hobbyist method of printing by ink jet, laser, or Alps USA MD series (discontinued) if you require large quantities of model decals. Custom decals will save you a tremendous amount of time, money, and aggravation. Again, we offer the highest quality for lowest prices available.

Our turnaround time for sample proofs is two weeks. Upon approval of your proofs, production can be shipped within 2 weeks.

For the hobbyist:

We offer specialty papers for creating water-slide (Water Mount) decals for model trains, planes, ships, cars, boats, vehicles, etc. using your own Alps Printer, Laser Printer, Color Copier or Inkjet Printer. Our decal film is made with the highest quality ingredient to ensure the best print quality of any paper available in the model market today. Aside from the best paper product and superior results, this paper is available to you at the best prices. You may order on-line from our secured network. We ship all orders within 24 hours.


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