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Ceramic Colors

Ceramic & Glass Colors

Bel Inc. is a supplier of high grade ON GLAZE CERAMIC COLORS made of powdered frits with chemically mixed inorganic color stains. These ceramic colors are primarily used for ceramic decal or direct printing applications. They are used for decoration on glazed surfaces of calcined ceramic wares that can be fired at a relatively low temperature of 700º C to 800º C.

Ceramic Ink Colors

  Color Properties

  • Cadmium-Selenium bearing red colors No. 3116 No. 3150
  • Normal red colors No. 3140 No. 3149
  • Cadmium bearing orange colors N. 3181 No. 3182
  • Cadmium bearing yellow colors No. 3244 No. 3241
  • Normal Yellow colors No. 3231 No. 3232 No. 3243 No. 3245
  • Gold color No. 0360 No. 0365
  • No. 3361 white can be used in mixable with Cadmium bearing bearing colors
  • No. 3366 white can be used in mixable with Cadmium free normal colors
  • No. 3378 white can be used in mixable with normal colors and Cadmium colors
  • No. 3300 flux is being used with mixed Cadmium group and normal color group
  • No. 3977 flux is being used as flux and transparence for overcoating (cobalt blue, gold, pink, purple color included)
  • No. 3321 is being used as opaque white
  • No. 3330 flux is being used as matte flux additives
  • No. 3840 is being used for squeegee oil for decal transfer and excellent is stability and uniformity
  • No. 3860 is being used for coating film solution
  • In case of screen printing, the Cadmium-selenium bearing colors should be applied thicker than non Cadmium colors
  • According to our testing results, the soluble Pb and Cd remains in trace (Please refer testing reports)

Number Color C: Cadmium
N: Normal
0360 Pink gold
0365 Purple gold
3116 Dark Red C
3150 Red C
3140 Iron Red N
3149 Pink Red N
3181 Orange C
3182 Red Orange C
3244 Yellow C
3241 Yellow C
3231 Melon Yellow N
3232 Yellow N
3243 Yellow N
3245 Pumpkin Yellow N
3321 Opaque White N
3361 Mixing White C
3366 Mixing White N
3425 Light Green N
3418 Green N
3436 Dark Green N
3470 Green N
3471 Green N
3486 Blue Green N
3491 Olive Green N
3497 Green N
3565 Navy Purple Blue gold
3536 Turquoise Blue N
3537 Turquoise Blue N
3543 Blue N
3546 Turquoise Blue N
3562 Purple Blue gold
3581 Sky Blue N
3589 Cobalt Blue N
3620 Choco Brown N
3656 Light Brown N
3668 Brown N
3670 Red Brown N
3745 Black N
3783 Gray N
3378 Mixing White N & C
3300 Mixing Flux N & C
3997 Cover Coating Flux (EX;65.4x10-7ºC) N & C
3330 Matt Flux N & C
3840 Decal Screen Oil  
3860 Film Solution  

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